Kids’ Center for Obesity And its Consequences in Health

The Kids’ COACH program at University Children’s Health is focused on a single component of a child’s wellness: physical fitness with proper nutrition. The goal of the program is to provide families with physical, social and emotional support to promote active living and healthy eating by providing access to a specialized team. This team includes:

  • Skilled care provider
  • Clinical nutritionist
  • Exercise specialist
  • Social worker

These team members, along with community resources, assist in creating a healthy lifestyle for the child in their own community.

Participation guidelines:

  • Child who may be pre-diabetic or above the normal curve of weight for age
  • Referral received from child’s primary doctor
  • Focus on children 6-12 years of age
  • Family participation required for success

Kids’ COACH Program
University Family Health Center – Southeast
1055 Ada Street
San Antonio, TX 78233
210-358-5437 (KIDS)