Pediatric Hepatology

Pediatric Liver Disease Program
Focusing on common diseases that affect the liver in children and adolescents, our program offers comprehensive services including: consultations; evaluation of viral, genetic and metabolic disorders; nutrition counseling; same-day access to fibroscan liver stiffness assessment; and, clinical research trials.

Who Can Be Referred?

  • Endocrinology: children with pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and those with metabolic syndrome or PCOS.
  • Pulmonary: children with cystic fibrosis and elevated liver enzymes or insulin resistance. Obese children with asthma.
  • General pediatrics: any overweight or obese child with elevated liver enzymes or fatty liver on ultrasound.
  • Nephrology: children with obesity and hypertension. Post kidney transplant children with obesity or elevated liver enzymes.

In addition to our comprehensive pediatric hepatology services, University Health also offers our Pediatric Liver Transplant Program , which is the only pediatric living liver donation transplant program in South Texas.